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The PseudoSurfers is the musical works of rome-based producer enrico m.

In Summer 2010 recordings of debut "The PseudoSurfers EP" started and, taking place during hiatuses of other operations, were finally over by Summer 2011. Sound engineer Christian Valente provided final mixing and mastering.

The PseudoSurfers EP was digitally diffused in Italy by the end of 2011 to good critical response and a growing public reaction,

In October 2011 Silvia S. joined the formation, on bass, in order to start developing the future live transposition of The PseudoSurfers' music.

 On May 2012 The PseudoSurfers were featured in "Miniature vol.1" compilation by Experimental / Noise / Punk / Post-Punk label MiaCameretta Records, a critically acclaimed compilation which features 1 minute tracks by some of the best rated alternative acts of Italy, such as Bologna Violenta, Above the Tree, Be my Delay, Samuel Katarro, Stefano Lanzi and many others.

By the end of 2012 recordings of follow up EP were started, in 2013 The PseudoSurfers signed to Satellite Records for the release of a follow up EP.

After a few line up changes The PseudoSurfers debuted live on January 2015 featuring Massimo Baiocco (Frangar Non Flectar) on guitars, a full band joined for subsequent live appearance during 2015.

In October 2015 The PseudoSurfers were featured in  "Psychocandy Revisited", a tribute album to The Jesus and Mary Chain 1985 classic released on the 30th anniversary upon its original release. The record, produced by brazilian TBTCI Records, features bands from all over the world.

 Follow up EP undivided is out on Satellite Records by 25th of january 2016, after a first single out of the Ep "Amiga" was premiered by Rolling Stone Italia on 21st decembre 2015.

The Pseudosurfers are
enrico m.: guitars, samplers, vocals
 massimo baiocco.: guitars

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