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25.01.2016    the pseudosurfers 2nd EP "undivided" is released on Satellite Records

25.12.2015    live at Le Mura (Rome), Undivided EP release party

21.12.2015    first single "amiga" from the pseudosurfers 2nd EP is reviewed and premiered by Rolling Stone Italia, you may read the review and listen/watch the video here       

22.10.2015    the pseudosurfers contributed with a cover of Sowing Seeds to "psychocandy revisited", a tribute album to the jesus and mary chain 1985 classic, released by brazillian label TBTCI Rec., you may stream/buy the album here

19.07.2015    live at Traffic (Rome) w/Soviet Soviet

30.05.2015    live at 30 Formiche (Rome)

08.05.2015    the pseudosurfers were featured along many excellent bands from all over the world on a compilation released by TBTCI Rec., you may stream/buy the compilation here and read a review for it from UK here (english)    

24.04.2015    live at Init (Rome) w/Mourn and Flying Vaginas

09.04.2015    live at Traffic (Rome) w/Paisley Reich and Flying Vaginas

27.02.2015    mixing and mastering of the pseudosurfers' 2nd EP Undivided are over, the record will be out in 2015 on Satellite Records

08.01.2015    live at Traffic (Rome) w/Paisley Reich, Weird and Mai Stato Altrove

29.12.2014    the pseudosurfers interviewed in Brazil here (english)

03.12.2014    the pseudosurfers reviewed in U.S. here (english)

27.12.2013    the pseudosurfers very first interview, from U.S., here (english)

10.03.2013    the pseudosurfers EP is reviewed in Spain here (spanish)  

18.02.2013    the pseudosurfers EP is reviewed in U.S. here, here and here (english)    

20.12.2012    the pseudosurfers start studio sessions of 2nd ep

07.09.2012     "miniature" compilation is reviewed here (italian)    

14.05.2012     today the "miniature" compilation is released by noise/punk/post-punk label miacameretta records , it features unreleased 60 second tracks by the pseudosurfers (listen here) along with bologna violenta, samuel katarro, above the tree, poptones, be my delay, stefano lanzi and others. buy the limited digipack edition at or free download it with complete artwork here   
02.03.2012    the pseudosurfers ep gets reviewed here (italian)    

20.02.2012    some special collaboration will come in Spring

18.02.2012    the pseudosurfers ep is available in free download at  

31.01.2012    the pseudosurfers ep gets reviewed here and here (italian)    

15.01.2012 is now on duty

02.01.2012    new single track  "my secret valentine" is released today and streaming on youtube, the track is an outtake of the composing/recording sessions of the pseudosurfers' 2nd ep  to be released  

01.10.2011    the pseudosurfers ep is digitally released                    

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